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Lady Remington Pet Bandanas- Style 127 Paws


Lady Remington brand , Made in the USA over the collar pet bandanna.

Our pet bandana has a slot to insert your pet's collar through an opening for assembly. It is easy to install and remove for dressing your pet with the perfect attire for all occasions.

  • Made of cotton and or cotton blended materials.
  • The bandanna comes in various sizes small, medium, large and extra large .
  • Easy to assemble and remove on standard collars. 
  • Easy Care: hand wash mild soap and water and hang dry
  • Dress your pet in style, see our other styles for combined shipping savings.
  • Collar not included.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.  
  • All dogs are unique in size, the chart below will help you find references for common breeds with collar sizes. 

    SizeCollar Size ( approximate)BreedComments
    X Smallless than 10 inchesCat /Small Dog ( Chihuahua)
    Small7-11 inchesSmall Yorkie, 
    Medium11-14 inchesBeagle , Terrier
    Large14-17 inchesDoberman,Shepard, Bulldog, Retriever
    X Large18-26 inchesRetriever, Shepard, Great Dane

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