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Order Processing & Shipping

Parcel Post delivery

Parcel Post delivery can be made by one of several options. Shop in our online store, then select the desired method of shipping. Your products will be shipped via parcel post and delivered by a carrier selected by you in our checkout system. The Parcel Post delivery  shipments are available to be shipped within five business days and during our business hours. Parcel Post fees include shipping and handling costs that may not be refundable with returned merchandise.

Express Shipments

Our staff takes responsibility for expediting shipments when this method is selected. We take the responsibility to insure the goods are shipped as early as possible and delivered to  our customers faster than the traditional Parcel Post method.  Fees such as express shipping charges, tracking and  payment of duty, and fees will be paid for by the customer.  We recommend insurance on any items that require special handling and can be purchased as needed on an order by order basis.

International delivery

We do not typically ship products internationally , but if you contact our customer service we can provide the name of a distributor and or ship items with your shipping company pre-paid freight /account information. The customer shall comply with all laws governing the importation of the goods into the country of destination other than the US.


Service Locations Delivery Schedule Cost per Shipment
Parcel Post Ground USA only 5-7 days
Monday - Friday
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Priority Mail US only 3-5 days
Monday - Friday shopping cart calculated
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Express Mail US only 1-3 days
Monday - Friday
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Other Other TBD days
Monday - Friday
Customer Service